Project Description

TAC Worldwide


  • Inherited a money losing $800M staffing company with mission to sell the company within 3-4 years
  • U.K. company was technically in default
  • U.S. company had numerous money losing customer accounts and weak product lines
  • Management was long-time entrenched and in disarray
  • Founder/owner wanted to sell company and retire


  • Quickly achieve cash flow stability and refinance UK subsidiary
  • Rebuild business model by dramatically reducing overhead (over 40% headcount reduction) and eliminating unprofitable customers
  • Refinance US company and create funding capacity for restructuring and new growth
  • Develop new product and marketing strategy
  • Reposition brand
  • Rebuild balance sheet to facilitate acquisitions and organic growth
  • Acquired 26 companies (“bolt-ons”) and integrated without any overhead increase

Result — Business Restructuring and Transformation

  • Positioned the original company for sale after 3 years
  • Successfully completed sale at 15X EBITDA
  • Gary DeCamillo was recruited to run the successor company by new owner
  • Grew successor company by 13% compounded over the next 3 years
  • EBITDA grew 300% from $12M to $45M
  • Company was successfully sold again by parent