Project Description


One of the leading curriculum development providers to the educational publishing industry.


  • Client projects were unprofitable
  • Focus of the company was spread across too many sectors without adequate investment — software, services, technology
  • Revenue was falling on a month over month basis
  • Culture of the company was in disrepair with key employees exiting


  • Replaced CEO and focused on core strengths while shedding marginal and unprofitable sectors
  • Instituted Net Promoter Score (NPS) as single key indicator of client project satisfaction
  • Revamped management team and process to improve culture and information transparency
  • Elevated key capabilities that were differentiators in the market
  • Re-energized sales efforts with improved messaging and support

Result – Interim CEO Business Transformation

  • Client satisfaction and project profitability improved by 5x
  • New large client opportunities developed from new messaging and positioning
  • Staff exodus ended and culture dramatically improved.
  • Permanent CEO hired to a much more stable company