Project Description


  • Slow growth and low profit margins (< 3%)
  • Losing market share to Japanese power tool companies
  • Not positioned in new “box store” distribution
  • Products out of date and not competitive with user requirements
  • Ill-advised recent purchase of GE’s small appliance division


  • Oversaw the development of DEWALT, the most significant new power tool brand in 50 years
  • Sued the Japanese for “dumping” in the International Trade Commission
  • Cut overhead spending by over 30%
  • Restructured management and refocused on marketing and product development
  • Recruited more than two dozen new engineering and marketing managers
  • Revitalized product ranges to compete with Japanese brands

Result — Business Transformation

  • DEWALT became a $500M brand in 5 years
  • Home Depot and Lowes became two largest customers
  • Named one of the “Top US marketers” by Advertising Age in 1994
  • Black & Decker Power Tools grew by double digits, compounded, from 1992-1996
  • 12% operating profit margins from less than 3%