Gary DiCamillo recently stepped down after 2 and 1/2 years as President and CEO of Universal Trailer Corporation. The company was profitably turned around and successfully sold to private investors in January 2020.

Neal Goldman recently completed advising a $100M human capital company for over 18 months, first as a board member, then in recruiting and on-boarding a new CEO and finally guiding the successful sale of the company.

Pano Anthos has grown XRC Labs over the past 4 years to invest in 80 startups, 9 corporate partners and over 250 mentors. XRC accelerates not only retail technology but also consumer goods, achieving a number of successful startups, including one recently sold to Procter and Gamble. He continues to be sought after as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies in areas of disruptive change.

Eaglepoint Advisors provided equity capital and acted as senior advisors to Global Partner Acquisition Corp. (GPAC), a special purpose acquisition company. GPAC subsequently acquired Purple Innovation in a public IPO/merger. Gary DiCamillo and Pano Anthos currently serve on the Purple Innovation Board of Directors.