Eaglepoint Advisors is much more operationally experienced than an agency. We are all former CEO’s who have successfully started and or run various enterprises in a wide variety of sectors and industries.

  1. Agencies are populated by personnel who have not typically run or executed a P&L, much less a company.
  2. Agencies don’t run things. They don’t take responsibility for the execution. Eaglepoint can and does.
  3. Agencies don’t train or staff to replace themselves. Eaglepoint understands the importance of creating operational legacy so the client develops the capability internally.
  4. Agencies do not have broad networks to bring the best talent to the table.  Their profitability hinges on leveraging less expensive full-time resources at higher billable rates. By contrast, Eaglepoint does not have a large staff to mobilize. We bring the best talent available to project.