Eaglepoint of View on Digital and Social Media #4

Q: Which stores are Amazon showroomers most likely to visit compared to the average consumer?
A: Best Buy and Target (Placed study)

Customers who used showrooming technology are 20% more likely to visit Best Buy and 15% more likely to visit Target than the average consumer.
What this means?
Certain retail categories are much more susceptible to price comparisons and therefore showrooming. The decision of Best Buy to price match any showroomed product speaks to the future of big box retail — much lower margins and transparent pricing will force retailers to differentiate on other axis, such as customization and personalization. Immediate availability is less and less a factor.

Q: Who sold 666 cars in 8 hours on the equivalent of Twitter in China?

A: Mercedes

$13 million worth of cars in 8 hours online at approximately $20K each. Only 666 special edition “year of the snake” models were made. Popup commerce online!!
Why this matters?
Few companies have been terribly successful selling on anything like Twitter. Why did Mercedes have such success? Mercedes made it an event, they made the offer limited, and they made it exclusive instead of using social media as a marketing campaign platform

Q: Which one below is one of the top 5 tools that customers believe will help them save money?

a. mobile coupons
b. recommendations from family and friends,
c. text alerts from retailers,
d. facebook or twitter

A: Recommendations from family and friends (Business Insider)

What this means for brands and retailers?
Help people shop smarter (e.g. make better buying decisions) rather than drive e-commerce [traffic] from social sites.  Think of social as a marketing channel.
1.Use social to help people save money
2.Use social to help people choose what to buy