Eaglepoint’s Point of View

Disruptions of all kinds

With over 100 years of operating experience, Eaglepoint has seen nearly every disruption to operating businesses: from macro market disruptions to individual market or technology disruptions.

The Challenge — Time or Team

In each of our transformational challenges, Eaglepoint has seen one or both of the following characteristics hindering the growth of the company.

Either the team does not have the time to transform their businesses or the team does not have the experience to lead the transformation. In both cases, companies stagnate if outside assistance is not acquired.

Eaglepoint’s 3 Areas of Focus

Digital Transformation

Designed to assist mid-market firms in developing a world-class digital footprint in B2B, B2C and B2B2C worlds.

Move Business to Digital Best Practices

Eaglepoint focuses on real ROI building out digital lead generation and revenue dramatically.

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Business Model Reinvention

Today more than ever, longstanding companies with tested business models face intense challenges.

The lesson is clear

Businesses must relentlessly strive for continuous improvement.

Interim CEO or CEO Advisor

We can stabilize the business addressing a broad set of issues quickly

Swiftly changing times can create surprises

Eaglepoint addresses senior leadership vacancies, cash flow improvement processes, negotiations with creditors and other stakeholders, etc.